XXIII International Exhibition for auto parts, components, accessories and equipment

Is going to open up its gates for Suppliers, Distributors, Buyers and professionals from all over the world. Specialized fair in Central Asian region – INTERNATIONAL AUTO EXPO is a great opportunity for companies to present their products to a new market, meet new buyers, make useful contacts and set up their agencies in Kazakhstan.

Request for participation in the exhibition
  • Above 5000


    in 3 exhibition days

  • Above 200

    auto parts manufacturers from CIS and Asia

  • Above 30

    seminars and presentation for business in field of auto parts

  • days 3

    busy days

    in exhibition hall

International Exhibition Company «Atakent-Expo» with the official support of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will organize International Exhibition of auto parts, automotive components and vehicle maintenance «INTERNATIONAL AUTO EXPO» on the territory of KCBC «Atakent» during the period from 25-27 October 2023.
The main goal of the INTERNATIONAL AUTO EXPO is contributing to the development of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the promotion of Kazakhstani business in the auto parts market through presenting new trends of automotive industry, contributing to the conclusion of new contracts and increasing the chances of successful promotion of products on the market.
The main sectors of exhibition
Information about the main thematic sections of the exhibition. This block lists the main sections of the exhibition with a brief description of each of them, so that it is easier for visitors to orientate and choose the most interesting sections for them.
Spare parts, components, accessories:
  • Transmission systems
  • Steering, suspension and braking equipment and accessories
  • Starting and ignition equipment
  • Lighting - Signaling equipment and accessories
  • Interior equipment and accessories
  • HVAC equipment
  • Fuel supply and exhaust equipment and accessories
  • Fasteners
  • Engine equipment
  • Bodywork, paintwork and auto glass
  • Petroleum products, lubricants;
  • Car care products, auto chemistry;
  • Car& turck tyre, bus tyre, agricultural and heavy industy tyre
  • Rims, nuts, casing
  • Balancing machines for wheel and tyres
  • Tyre inlators and systems
  • Tyre pressure gauges
  • Tyre fitting machines
  • Vulcanization
Service and equipment:
  • Washing, service areas
  • Repair, maintenance, diagnostic tools and workshop equipment
  • Filling stations;
  • Garage equipments;
  • Automobile and road service, traffic safety;
  • Crediting, insurance, leasing, highway maps and special editions.
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With exhibitions, there are a million benefits and opportunities to participate. We are confident that IAE-2023 is the perfect event for your company!
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